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    After a long design process, the Quadvelo bike gives the best of both worlds combining the benefits of a car and a bike. The design makes it that you are protected from weather conditions, more comfortable, and safe to use, while still having the benefits of riding a bike. With the e-assist, you have a range of up to 150 km while being eco-friendly having zero emissions.

    Some specifications:


    Long 250 cm

    Wide 84 cm

    High 133 cm

    Turning radius 7.5m

    Weight 84 kg

    Payload 200 kg ( driver + cargo) – max 120 kg on rear axis


    “Well visible on the road. Fun to just go for a ride, but also just as practical to use as a means of transport to work.”
    Kelly Vermaelen

    “So glad I could participate in the prototype testing! My first intention was to use the Quadvelo for leisure during the weekends, but it soon became part of my daily life.”
    Peter S.

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