Building the prototype

And finally we agreed about a concept

Building a Mockup (April 2019)

We want to present a mock-up of our concept to the public by the end of April at the SPEZI special bike show in Germersheim on April 27 and 28.

On April 15 Steffen arrived with the chassis in Hungary and the rest of the parts are prepared in the Eurocircuits workshop in Eger.

There is still a lot of work to do and only a few days left.

This mock-up , made of plywood, was shown and tested on SPEZI 2019 in Germersheim

Redesign (August 2019- February 2020)

We received lots of useful feedback during the SPEZI exhibition last April.  That means we went back to the drawing table and tried to incorporate these ideas.

The plan was to have our first prototype ready for Spezi 2020 end of April, but due to the corona crisis, this event was first postponed to August, later cancelled.

Travel restrictions and disease control measures also slowed down the project. Quadvelo is a European project with people contributing from Belgium, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia. The corona crisis also forced us at Eurocircuits to focus on our main business, PCB prototyping.

Building our first prototype (July 2020)

Once we agreed on the final design, working on the prototype started.  The chassis is built in the Eurocircuits mechanical department in Eger, Hungary. The moulds for the body are prepared by the design company together with a production partner in Budapest. We received the body-parts in June 2020 and started the final assembly in Eger .

Now, in the beginning of July we have our first prototype ready for riding. There is still some work to be done on the electronics for the lighting and solar charging, but we are happy to start the test-drives now.

Driving the first Quadvelo proto